Can You Host a Shlucha for the Kinus?

Many Shluchos from around the world need where to stay when they come to Crown Heights for the kinus. Help pair up Shluchos and hosts for the Kinus Hashluchos.

Last year during Shnas Hakhel an initiative was launched to pair up Shluchos and hosts for the Kinus Hashluchos.

Due to it’s incredible success, many shluchos were able to join the kinus, and many families made new meaningful connections. Bridges were built and mitzvos were shared.

This year, again, we are asking the Crown Heights community to open your hearts and homes to the shluchos coming from far and further, who do not have extended family to stay with or cannot come if they have to book a rental.

They need a break, this has been a crazy time for them, as for all the Jewish people. They would absolutely be honored to be your guests.

If you can host a shlucha or if you have space for more than one, please send a direct message to the number on the bottom of this article, with you hosting capabilities (women only please).

If you would like to host shluchos during the kinus hashluchos this year (not a rental), please join our whatsapp group.

This group’s goal is to connect hosts and guests one to another.

On the group, we will be adding people who can host and shluchos. You will have the opportunity to share what available spaces you are offering, and shluchos will post what they are looking for.

Shluchos and hosts will connect privately to finalize plans with each other.

To be added to the chat, please send a message to +1-845-214-6286. Please include your full name, write that you’d like to be a host and be added to the group.

We hope to be able to help you find a guest and possibly even a new friend!

With much appreciation to the CH community for every effort for this incredible mitzvah of הכנסת אורחים!

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