Can I Hear Havdalah on Zoom?

Watch: Rabbi Feitel Levin gives an enlightening shiur at the Beis Medrash for Advanced Contemporary Halacha of Merkos 302, presenting five different views from contemporary Poskim on using Zoom to fulfill halachic obligations.

Since the pandemic hit us by surprise a year and half ago, when all of the sudden in-person meetings, family get-togethers and Torah classes were all placed off limits, Zoom and similar virtual meeting applications, became and still are in many ways, the means through which we communicate. 

We have been told that mitzvos such as reading the megillah on Purim or hearing havdalah on a regular Motzei Shabbos cannot be performed via Zoom. We have even been told the reason, “because one does not hear human voice via Zoom”. Yet what exactly does this mean? Why is that an issue?

At the Beis Medrash for Advanced Contemporary Halacha of Merkos 302, Rabbi Feitel Levin gives an enlightening shiur, presenting five different views from contemporary Poskim on the matter. Rabbi Levin highlights and elucidates the scientific-Halachic position of the Rebbe and the famed Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach concerning telephones and microphones, which can be applied to twenty first century Zoom too. 

This class is just one of the 50 illuminating sessions spanning the wide spectrum of timely Halachic topics in Rabbi Levin’s Contemporary Halacha course. Whether you are a young shliach looking to better cater for your community’s halachic needs, a mid-aged father in the workforce seeking to expand your Torah knowledge or a bochur in Yeshiva who has completed his Semicha studies, wishing to continue learning in a productive and structured manner, this course is for you. With three streams to choose from, the Contemporary Halacha course suits both someone looking for an all-immersive full day experience, or one looking to dedicate just a few hours each week.  

The course has been well received by Rabbonim and Shluchim since its inception, with a growing number of applications as more and more people realize its importance. “As a Rabbi in a remote community, I knew that there was so much knowledge I needed more of—particularly as halacha pertains to modern life. Rabbi Levin’s classes were a game changer”, shared Rabbi Falik Schtroks, the Shliach to Surrey in British Columbia. 

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