Campus Shluchos Find Light in the Darkness

Shluchos at the Chabad on Campus Kinus in Eretz Yisroel visited the site of the massacre where they heard from Yuri Levin, about his miraculous escape, from Oren Laufer, who hid hundreds on that day, and from shluchim in Sderot.

Chabad on Campus Alum and October 7 Survivor Shares Message of Hope with

During a visit to the Nova Festival Field, Shluchos at the Chabad on Campus International Kinus HaShluchos heard from Yuri Levin, a Chabad on Campus alum, his firsthand account of survival from October 7.

Yuri shared his story of escape from an attempted kidnapping by terrorists on the morning of October 7, expressing appreciation for the amazing work Shluchos on campus have done throughout the past year on campuses around the globe, work he experienced firsthand as a student at Sapir College. They also heard from Oren Laufer, who shared his heroic story of finding and saving hundreds of Jews in hiding throughout the tragic day.

The Shluchos visited the border, where they heard stories of courage and hope from survivors, and the Chabad House in Sderot, where they heard from Shluchim and Shluchos in the area about their experiences and words of inspiration.

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