Campers’ Achievements Celebrated at Gan Yisroel Florida

As the first session came to a close in Camp Gan Yisroel Florida, excellence awards were handed out for championship winners in learning and sports.

As the first session came to a close in Camp Gan Yisroel Florida, awards were given out for championships in Klinger and sports. And for different achievements throughout the summer.

It’s been a successful three weeks, packed with fun and joy, each camper with a smiling face, having spent 24/7, in the 4 amos of Torah and mitzvos, surround with chayos, and pride of being a chossid of the Rebbe. Caring staff all at hand, giving attention for each camper, in all their needs, whether it is bgashmiyus or bruchniyus.

As the first session comes to a close, there was a spirit of excitement in the air, of the new beautiful grounds of CGI Florida, as campers and counselors were all involved in all sorts of championships.

Starting with the learning championships, called Kluger, which had all campers glued to their seats, listening intently to every question and response, as the two classes in each division answer every question at lightning speeds, showing their great knowledge in all of the material that was taught in class. After a very competitive session in learning class, led by learning director Isaac Mintz, two learning classes – Rabbi Bernstein’s class in the older division and Rabbi Lever’s class in the younger division – won the Klinger championships. Each camper in those classes received their very own kiddush cup.

Sports was no different, it was a heated season, the campers involved in the sports league all did very well, enjoying every minute of their games. As the playoffs went off, and continued with the championships, buckets of water was poured on the coaches and captains of the two winning teams off each division.

The first session closed with a banquet, where the amazing head counselors Shaye Wolfson and Zalmy Oster, gave out awards for all different achievements the campers got throughout the summer, from the best camper in each bunk, the avodas tefillah awards, hatzneieh leches, to the sever ponim yofis. Many campers are joyfully being appreciated for all their hard work, as all there friends watch in Glee cheering them on.

As the new buses rolled in, the 2nd session went into full swing, campers jumping off the buses, with excitement, ready for another session.

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