Campaign Raises Funds for Crown Heights Hatzalah’s Ever-Expanding Services

In what has become a yearly tradition, Crown Heights Hatzalah is hosting another “Hatzalah-thon” this week, running through Lag Baomer.

In what has become a yearly tradition, Crown Heights Hatzalah is hosting another “Hatzalah-thon” this week, running through Lag Baomer.

With Hatzalah’s ever-expanding scope and scale, the ambitious goal of raising $613,000 this year couldn’t be more necessary.

In its nascent days, what Lubavitchers called “Crown Heights” measured just a few square blocks, branching off of the nerve center of 770 and not much further.

When Hatzalah first started, it serviced that small area with just a few volunteers.

BH, things have dramatically changed since then. “Crown Heights” has grown exponentially, explosive growth pushing the boundaries well beyond those few square blocks. Today, the community numbers in many thousands kein yirbu, occupying blocks in North Crown Heights, Remsen Village, East Flatbush, Brownsville, and offshoots in other areas. The physical area as well as the amount of people is far, far greater than it used to be.

And along Crown Heights growth Hatzalah has grown along with it. From that small handful of volunteers, a veritable army of medical corps has grown, with at this point new volunteers onboarding annually. 

Beyond the volunteers, Hatzalah has greatly expanded its resources. Hatzalah now has a big enough fleet to cover a wide range of the community demographic including having an ambulance full time on Hawthorne Street and in front of the Oholei Torah Mesivta facility on Remsen Ave.

Hatzalah is readily available to anyone who calls—no matter from which corner of the now large community.

Of course, with expansion, new volunteers, and added resources, expenses go up as well. Hatzalah is a sophisticated emergency medical service operating on a highly professional level—and that comes with great financial expenditure. And that’s where the Hatzalah-thon comes in: to maintain their trademark record response time and overall life-saving services.

Join Hatzalah as they continue to service the community, saving lives every day. By donating to this worthy cause, you will help Hatzalah maintain its trademark record response time and life-saving services.

Be a hero, click here to donate now!

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