Campaign Launched to Provide Soldiers with Special Armor

As our soldiers fight the enemy on the front, a campaign has been launched to provide them with comfortable army-green tzitzis to be worn in battle. The response has been outstanding.

During this difficult time, many are looking for ways to help Jews in Eretz Yisroel, especially those on the front lines. Rabbi Shmary Gurary, director of development at Bnos Menachem Girls’ School of Crown Heights, has launched a campaign to provide soldiers with tzitzis.

“A dear friend who works with soldiers throughout the year reached out to me. He informed me that many soldiers, most of whom do not ordinarily wear tzitzis, would like to wear tzitzis on the battlefield.

“We know that tefillin and tzitzis are our spiritual armor which provide special protection. An idea was born to supply them with comfortable army-green tzitzis which they can wear in battle.

“BH we have someone at the front giving them out and the response has been tremendous. The soldiers are excited to begin wearing the tzitzis and are touched by the thought of their brethren around the world.

“We are now working to provide our soldiers with another 3,000 pairs of tzitzis.”

A pair of army tzitzis costs just 16 dollars.

Please help us by donating now.

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