Camp Pardas Chanah Celebrates its 50th Summer

As Camp Pardas Chanah approaches its 50th year, plans are underway to open in the United States this summer.

Pardas Chanah stands at the forefront of overnight girls camping experience.  Our commitment to growing Chassidishe campers continues to be our focus along with the emotional and physical care that Camp Pardas Chanah is known for. 

Pardas Chanah is excited to announce that we are opening camp for this summer in the Eastern United States due to the uncertainty with the US- Canadian border. A final location is in the midst of being confirmed with the hopes that we can accommodate more campers this summer than ever before. 

Registration opens Bez’’H Sunday, January 3, 19 Teves at 9:00 AM. To register, please visit our website,

In the year 5731, upon the Rebbe’s directive, Rabbi L. Kramer OBM founded Camp Pardas Chanah. His dedication to Pardas Chanah created many fond memories for girls across the globe.  Currently, under the leadership of Rabbi Avremel and Dinie Gurary, the camp has grown to over 400 campers a summer.

As we enter our 50th year since inception, exciting plans are underway. Our dedicated alumni committee has been hard at work and are happy to announce one of our 50th year initiatives!

Celebrating 50 years with our PC family, we are launching “Pardas Chanah Sings” – a song writing contest for all our alumni. More information on this exciting new initiative can be found on our website

We look forward to greeting our campers this summer in Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh !

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