Camp Emunah to Hold Grand 70 Celebration

Camp Emunah is inviting all alumni and friends to join them at the campgrounds for a grand event in tribute to Rebbetzin Chave Hecht and in celebration of their 70th camping season.

Revisiting Our Home Away From Home

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Camp Emunah Bnos Yakov Yehudah invites you to join us on Sunday, 17 Av/August 14, 2:30-5:30 pm in celebration of our 70th camping season.

Together we will immerse in the Emunah atmosphere and chayus, take a walk down memory lane, and enjoy a concert by Devorah Schwartz.

The event will be a tribute to Rebbetzin Hecht OBM, ‘The Mommy of Us All.’

Women and girls only.

Click here to RSVP.

Looking forward to greeting you there!

Your Camp Emunah Family

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  1. I remember 30 years ago when I arrived to America as a new immigrant from Iran in the summer 1992, I was sent to camp emunah as a counselor assistant since didn’t know English very well. I went to a camp that was so different. their morning praying, saying 12 passokim (never heard of it before) in the morning, girl from all over the world, and of course rebbitzin Hecht who was always there to look after the girls.

    I used to write letter to my friends in Iran and tried to explain to them what kind of place I was for the summer. I told them , everyone in this place is Jewish its amazing girls from all over the world and only thing that brings them together is the fact that they are Jewish. one time I got really home sick and her granddaughter, sarah took me to her and she talked to me like a buby to make me feel better. always asked me if I was fine in camp and her granddaughters, rabbi shalomber’s daughters were so nice and kind to me. I became fluent in English over there and found many friends.

    It is interesting that I married a persian from crown heights and end up living there. Knowing the girls from camp really helped me to be in community that I had no family and didn’t know many people. I used to live in rebbitzin building and sometimes for shiurim used to go to her apartment I used to see her all the time coming out and going in to her apartment. I always loved seeing her face and admire her for being such a strong woman, her leadership was amazing, her knowledge in any aspect of life and Judaism was remarkable. Years later I sent my daughter to that camp. I am proud to say that I know such an amazing, super, and phenomenal woman.

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