Camp Emunah Purchases 100 Acre Campground

Camp Emunah has announced that they have purchased 100 acres of magnificent campgrounds in the Catskill Mountains, to expand their current grounds and allow more girls to attend each summer.

Camp Emunah, the first Lubavitch girls camps, which has been continuously giving girls a fun and inspirational summer since 1953, has closed on a new campgrounds to allow the camp to expand.

The new grounds, 100 acres of magnificent campgrounds in the Catskill Mountains, are situated near the current campsite in Greenfield Park, New York.

This purchase is part of the expansion of Emunah Camps to make sure there is adequate space for all girls that want to attend summer camp. 

Much of the funds for this new parcel came from the recent successful crowdfunding campaign in Honor of the late Rebbetzin Chave Hecht OBM, directors said. The additional funds needed will b’ezras Hashem be raised from generous donors in the coming weeks  

“As plans unfold with the continued expansion of camp Emunah we will keep the camp Emunah family and the Lubavitcher community updated,” the camp’s administration told

“We thank all the generous donors to the Camp Emunah campaign,” they said.

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