Camp Chomeish Offering $500 Scholarships For One Day

In honor of Beis Iyar, Camp Chomeish announced a $500 scholarship for the first 20 campers who sign up today, on the special day of ‘Lchatchila Ariber’.

Camp Chomeish is happy to announce a special offer for Beis Iyar.

$500 discount will be given to the first 20 campers that sign up ON Bais Iyar.

The scholarships are being made available to help children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to spend the summer in an overnight camp and is available to any new registration.

“Though it is already after Pesach and only 10 weeks away from the 1st day of camp, there are still many children that want to come but can’t afford it,” said Rabbi Sholom Ber Stock, director of Camp Chomeish. “When faced with limited resources, it’s often the girls that end up not going to camp.”

Parents should visit to register. (Limited spaces are available and only for the second month.)

The funds for this are being put forward by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, who wants to act on the Rebbe’s call to “make every effort…” to send our children to overnight camp because “…automatically this has a great impact, beyond the summer, as is evident.” (Parshas Shemini 5750 and at other times).

“The Rebbe clearly advocated that the atmosphere in camp which is 24 hours a day al tahars hakodesh, is the place for every Jewish child” Rabbi Stock added, “and this has been our mission from day one”.

Every effort is made to help parents send their daughters to camp, which is why the Camp Chomeish Scholarship fund has consistently given scholarships in disproportion to other camps.

“We are eternally grateful to R’ Shalom Ber and Mrs. Shoshana Drizin, whose continuous support and generosity has made summer at camp a reality for hundreds of girls,” Rabbi Stock said.

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