Camp Chayolei Opens Registration for 5781

Following an unforgettable summer of 5780, the directors of camp Chayolei Hamelech have announced that registration will open for the summer of 5781, and are looking forward to an even more successful summer, iy”h without restrictions.

Camp Chayolei in Pennsylvania announces a fantastic summer experience for 5781.

The summer of 5780 was definitely a summer that we will never forget.

Despite all the odds, the directors of Camp Chayolei say that they B”H had a tremendously fun and safe summer experience for all campers and they are looking forward to an even more successful summer this year (G-D willing without restrictions).

Last summer, although children and parents needed to jump through many loops to attend summer camp, as well as other government-imposed guidelines, nevertheless we were still able to provide an unbelievable wholesome summer experience. We used our waterfront access to the Delaware River for our campers to go canoeing throughout the summer. We rented out entire facilities, such as water parks, trampoline parks, bowling alleys etc., to create a safe environment for our campers. In addition, we also setup a magnificent variety of amusement park activities on our own spacious campgrounds.

Chayolei says that their online registration for this summer will open on Sunday ה’ טבת – December 20th at 4pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Chayolei says that with Hashem’s help and the Rebbe’s Brochois, they are ready and able to deal with any scenarios that may arise before the summer and will keep parents updated.

Click on the link below to see camp videos from 5780.

To Register on Sunday Click HERE

For more information please visit our website or call (718) 221-0770 or email [email protected]

Click here to watch camp videos from 5780

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