Children Repair Seforim to Celebrate Hei Teves

The San Francisco Bay Area in California does not have a local seforim store, so talmidim “browsed” through a display of their teachers’ favorite books, choosing the ones they would like to purchase online at home.

Without the option to purchase seforim at a local store, the staff of The Cheder of the Bay Area in California put out a display of their favorite seforim for the 75 talmidim to “browse” through and get familiar with. Once they selected their sefor/im of choice, talmidim took a mini-picture of the sefer home to purchase it online.

“Seeing the teachers pass on a love for Sfirei Kodesh to our students made Hey Teves and it’s message come alive for our talmidim,” said Mrs. Chavie Zebberman, The Cheder’s principal.

To instill a respect for seforim within the students, The Cheder held an in-house book repair workshop for seforim that were damaged. As teachers assisted the talmidim in repairing their seforim, they imparted the importance of sifrei kodesh and the care and concern with which we treat them.

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