By The Numbers: Eshel-Hachnosas Orchim

For more than fifty years, Eshel-Hachnosas Orchim, the veteran and main organization that takes care of the guests’ material and spiritual needs.

For more than fifty years, Eshel-Hachnosas Orchim, the veteran and main organization that takes care of all the guests’ needs:

Materially: Three gigantic kitchens that produce thousands of meals a day for men, women and children; providing thousands of beds, mattresses and sleep equipment.

Spiritually: Sidrei ha’limud in 770 for the entire Tishrei, editing and publishing learning material, farbrengens, shiurim, and workshops around the clock.

This year, the number of guests has increased beyond expectations and the cost of housing and providing for the many guest has created a financial burden for Eshel. Eshel is therefore turning to Anash worldwide, and especially to the community, for assistance.

A small peek into the extraordinary cost it takes for Eshel to host their abundant Tishrei guests:

The total number of guests over Tishrei are:
3,000 Bochurim
1,400 Girls
1,000 Yungelight
In addition, over 750 families come just for Sukkos and Simchas Torah alone.

How much does it cost to host all of them? Do the math!

The cost of hosting a guest for
1 day is $36
2 days – $72
5 days – $180
10 days – $360
The total amount for each guest’s stay over the month is $770

The Rebbe’s appreciation and personal concern for what he referred to as “my guests” is widely known.

The Rebbe supported this important organization and it was just recently publicized that in the Hakhel year of 5748, the Rebbe gave $10,000 to Eshel – Hachnosas Orchim.

The Rebbe, also, often laid the responsibility of hosting the guests on the local community.

We are all taking part in the big zechus of hosting the king’s guests whom the Rebbe called, “My guests”!

Let’s step up and unite with family, friends, and neighbors, in support and care for the Rebbe’s guests, which will surely give much Nachas to the Rebbe and hasten his Hisgalus now!

No doubt that in the merit of your donation you will receive the Rebbe’s brachos for children, life and livelihood, all in ample form!

Host a guest. Be a partner!

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