Businessmen In Hallandale Beach Start Day With Torah Learning

Since it’s opening, every morning men of all ages and at every stage in life have been going to the Kollel D’rav Pinchus Hirschprung to start of their day on the right foot.

The Kollel D’Rav Pinchas Hirschprung, at Congregation Levi Yitzchok-Lubavitch/Chabad of South Broward Headquarters, runs from 6am-11am each morning. Local businessman and men from all ages and stages of life come to start of their day with Limud Torah.

There are many Shiurim during these hours and Chavrusas, with more people joining every day. The kollel was founded earlier this year by Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus, in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

In honor of the Rebbe’s upcoming birthday on Yud Aleph Nissan, the kollel plans to publish a Kovetz/Sefer of חידושי תורה. 

Former Talmidim of Rabbi Hirschprung זצ״ל, Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshiva, are asked to submit הערות, פלפולים, מעשה רב and stories of Rabbi Hirschprung by Purim at the latest, so that this publication shall be לשם ולתפארת.  

To submit your פלפול or הערה etc, please email [email protected] .

For an update of Shiurim, and/or to sponsor the daily breakfast of the Kollel, please email [email protected] .  

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  1. Hey I live in Hallandale and this is a beautiful article but you missed the main guy who organized the whole thing! Benji Licht!

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