Bus To Ohel Expands Operations After Successful Week

Thousands utilized the ‘Bus to Ohel’ system to travel to the Ohel over the week of Gimmel Tammuz; A new schedule with additional daily trips was announced. 

By Anash.org reporter

After a successful week of transporting many thousands to the Rebbe’s Ohel, the daily ‘Bus to Ohel’ system announced an increase in their daily trips.

The ‘Bus to Ohel’ system began operating a year and a half ago, initiated by a yungeman from Crown Heights who recognized the urgency and the need for consistent and accessible transportation from 770 to the Ohel at regular intervals during the day, and at reasonable prices.

During the past week, the week of Gimmel Tammuz, many thousands of men and women, locals and visitors utilized the buses, which were significantly increased for the larger crowds. A total of 650 round trips were made around the clock, providing a convenient and affordable means of transportation throughout the entire week.

From the early morning hours until late at night, buses continuously departed from Crown Heights towards the Ohel, and returned in a timely manner.

Following the massive success, and due to the growing demand, the ‘Bus to Ohel’ initiative has announced that they will be expanding their daily trips, adding two daily round-trips in addition to the trips that had been taking place until now. There will now be a total of four round-trip buses per day, doubling the previous two trips.

The new trips being added will be at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM each day.

The new schedule will be:

Leaving 770 to the Ohel:
8:00 AM
11:00 AM
2:00 PM
7:00 PM (besides Friday)

Leaving from the Ohel to Crown Heights:
9:45 AM
12:45 PM
3:45 PM
8:45 PM (besides Friday)

Sunday to Friday. Departure from the Dreidel. Round trip or one-way fare: $7.
For men, women, and children.

For updates and more info, visit BusToOhel.com or join the WhatsApp broadcast group.

‘Bus to Ohel’ is operated through public donations. Please take part by donating at: https://thebustoohel.dreamhosters.com/donations/

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