Build Up to Gimmel Tammuz with Hachana Learning Program

One month before Gimmel Tammuz, Beis Midrash L’Shluchim at Merkos 302 invites all to join and boost their hiskashrus to the Rebbe with an in-depth learning program focusing on the topic of a Raya Mehemna.

With Gimmel Tammuz just one month away, Chassidim seek ways to prepare for this auspicious day. A new learning program from Beis Midrash L’Shluchim at Merkos 302 is now available to facilitate optimal preparedness.

Central to chassidic discussions about hiskashrus, is the topic of Raya Mehemna, which the program will delve into through two maamorim. It aims to guide Chassidim to a newfound appreciation for the role of the Raya Mehemna in everyday life, strengthening our connection to the Rebbe.

The communal hachana program will begin today Monday, 4 Sivan, offered free of charge in preparation for the 30th commemoration of Gimmel Tammuz. This program is dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky OBM, Vice-Chairman of Merkos Linyonei Chinuch.

“Rabbi Kotlarsky provided a listening ear to shluchim worldwide. He was passionate about ensuring they had all they needed both physically and spiritually to represent the Rebbe wherever they found themselves,” said Rabbi Mendel Chaiton, Director of Chazak at Merkos 302. “This hachana aims to continue that legacy for shluchim and Anash to approach Gimmel Tammuz in the most meaningful way possible”

Hachana participants will have access to multiple live Shiurim elaborating on different musogim within the Maamorim, as well as concise overviews of weekly material to ensure clarity and understanding of each week’s topics. Additionally, the program will offer chavrusa matching, to match chavrusas of similar abilities for a yeshiva-like experience, according to individual schedules and language constraints.

Farbrengens will provide opportunities for inspirational gatherings and a  WhatsApp group will encourage ongoing discussion of the topics learnt.

To join this learning experience and honor Rabbi Kotlarsky’s memory, please sign up here:

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