3-Year-Old Boy Killed in Accident to be Honored by Buenos Aires Community

After 3-Year-Old Sholem Dovber Mizrahi was tragically killed, the Jewish community of Buenos Aires, Argentina, will honor his memory by reviving an old shul in the neighborhood that stood empty for years.

As tragedy struck the Jewish community of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the community has united together to honor the memory of Sholem Dovbver Mizrahi. Sholem was a 3-year-old boy who was hit and killed by a car just weeks ago on February 22nd.

Sholem’s father is the Rav who is in charge of a recently recovered shul in the Barracas neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Coincidentally the recovery of the shul and the birth of Shlem happened at the same time. Therefore family and community members decided to honor Sholem’s memory by repairing and renovating the old worn down building. The family is also hoping to dedicate a new Torah in his honor as well.

Since the time of his birth, Sholem’s family were busy with the two intertwined projects, rebuilding the new community center, and raising little Sholem.

The Community Center is a project that will benefit the entire community. The building needs extensive repairs as it sat empty for many years. The community is looking to refinish the center from the bottom up.

To support the renovations of the Barracas Shul in honor of Sholem, please click here.

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