American Bochurim Leave Brunoy Yeshiva

With the US placing a ban on foreign citizens from entering the country, many American bochurim in Brunoy Yeshiva are taking no chances and booked tickets home for Thursday morning.

By reporter

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he is suspending all travel between the U.S. and Europe for 30 days beginning Friday in a move to combat the coronavirus. While it was quickly clarified that the ban only applies to foreign citizens, many American bochurim in Brunoy Yeshiva are not taking any chances.

Not knowing what the tomorrow will bring, some bochurim booked the earliest available flight from Paris to New York. Most will be leaving Thursday morning, and will be arriving in New York by Thursday night before the ban goes into effect.

The mass exodus was approved by the hanhala of the Yeshiva, with Menahel Rabbi Zalman Segal giving the bochurim permission to leave to avoid any potential issues with coming home for Pesach.

“Yeshiva remains open as regular,” Yeshiva staff told “and anyone who wants to stay is staying. Many parents chose to buy tickets for their children, and we understand that, but many bochurim are staying and there is nothing to be worried about”.

Similar situations are playing out in Jewish schools across the globe, as countries react to the spread of the coronavirus. Seminaries in Israel are closing their doors, or setting strict guidelines for Pesach break. Numerous schools in New York have closed as well and some Shuls are cancelling their Minyanim and programs, while others are encouraging hygiene in a hope to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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