Brunoy Menahel Spellbinds Mechanchim With Chinuch Guidance

Over 100 Mechanchim sat for hours in a Crown Heights sukkah listening to inspiration and guidance from Brunoy’s legendary mechanech R’ Itche Nemanov at the annual Simchas Bais Hashoeiva farbrengen arranged by Igud Hamelamdim.

Every year on Chol Hamoed Sukkos, mechanchim from the Tri-State gather in an oversized Crown Heights sukkah for a farbrengen of camaraderie and inspiration with a notable mashpia. The yearly event is organized by Lubavitch Chinuch Organization ‘Igud Hamelamdim.’

This year, a record number of mechanchim showed up to hear R’ Yitzchok “Itche” Nemanov, Menahel Ruchni of Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim, Brunoy, France for over 40 years. His raw authenticity and pure devotion to the Rebbe’s wishes earns him the respect of his talmidim, and drew all the mechanchim to come hear what he has to tell them.

For close to four hours, Reb Itche shared personal stories and letters from the Rebbe, as well as anecdotes of his father, the eminent mashpia Reb Nissen Nemanov. He empowered the mechanchim by telling them of the supernatural kochos that the Rebbe gives to mechanchim. 

“The kochos we have today are unprecedented, and were given for these challenging days before Moshiach,” he told the mechanchim. “Soon Moshiach will come and they will no longer be accessible.”         

The ultimate Lubavitchers are Mechanchim, he said. Lubavitch was founded on being lamplighters, ‘Neiros L’ha’ir,’ to illuminate the world. Those who execute this imperative most of all are the mechanchim. 

“We find ourselves in a very dark world,” Reb Itche said, “but in order to be mechanech your students you have to be mechanech yourself! You have to be bright and shining to illuminate your classrooms. And that can only be achieved by learning chassidus!”

Truth, love, devotion and loyalty. These four secrets, explained Reb Itche, were taught to us from our Rebbeim as the keys for successful chinuch. 

Over the course of the fabrengen, Reb Itche discussed wide-ranging chinuch topics including how to increase a student’s diligence in learning, how to encourage better davening and brachos, how to transmit the kedushah of Torah, and more.  

The Mechanchim left the event inspired and enthused.

Rabbi Elisha Witty, mashgiach in Kfar Chabad English speaking yeshiva, voiced how empowering it was to hear real guidance from a senior mashpia and mechanech. Bnos Menachem administrator Rabbi Meir Shmukler shared how the messages were relevant, not only for mechanchim, but for all parents.

Igud Hamelamdim’s executive director, Rabbi Avrohom Bluming, shared how special the atmosphere that reigned at this farbrengen was.

“Though Reb Itche’s voice didn’t carry so loud, they hung on to every word. Mechanchim just kept coming and didn’t want to leave. From all the courses and seminars we host throughout the year, nothing empowers our mechanchim like an authentic, chassidishe farbrengen.”

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