Brownsville Families Celebrate Lively Simchas Beis Hashoeva

Brownsville Anash celebrated Sukkos with lively Simchas Beis Hashoeva dancing and farbrengen hosted by local residents.

Following the heartwarming and inspirational Yomim Neroim Tfilos with Chazzan Rabbi Shalom Dovid Geisinsky, Brownsville Anash went into Sukkos with lively Simchas Beis Hashoeva farbrengen and dancing hosted by the local members of Anash.

The first day of Chol Hamoed started out with a children’s Mivtza Lulav accompanied by a Sukka Mobile adding joy and light to the streets of Brighton Beach.

The day ended off with an exciting Simchas Beis Hashueva program with dancing and live music by Shneur Sheleg, psukim, prizes, and a moving story by Rabbi Mendel Shtroks, and a captivating fire juggling show by Levi Shuchat.

A big thank you goes to the coordinators Rabbis Levi Vogel, Yossi Overlander & Mendy Markowitz, for arranging these events.

Brownsville is a warn young and growing, Chassidishe community with weekly Minyonim, Shabbos Kids Program, Shiurim and Farbrengens located 25 min from 770.

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  1. Important to note it’s only a 25 minute walk to 770. by car it’s just a few minutes (or just 3 train stops).
    The youngelite and their families, their young beautiful children and toddlers are incredible people.
    קדושה לא זזה ממקומה. Brownsville was called the ,ירושלים of Brooklyn and hosted the frierdiker Rebbe for תשרי 1929.
    He said and wrote “Tishrei” mamorim (printed in the “sefer hanamorim kuntraisim”).

    Thank Hashem for the return of true chasidishe yidishkeit in
    בראנזוויל עיר תהילה

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