“Bright Side Up” Campaign Reaches Staggering 41,000 Neshek

A goal of 20,000 neshek in one week to honor the Rebbe’s birthday was wildly surpassed, with more than double the amount given out, thanks to Lubavitch women and girls across the globe.

Could it really happen?

Could there really be a worldwide campaign that would reach 20,000 neshamos?

According to the laws of nature, it seemed impossible yet, as the campaign began, women and girls worldwide eagerly watched the numbers grow.

It felt like every Lubavitch girl the world over was out on the streets, neshek in hand, asking the iconic question of “Excuse me are you Jewish?”

That Friday we confronted the startling power that the rebbe placed in our hands. It seemed impossible and unheard of yet we did it. And we succeeded together. We, as a community, stood by in awe as the campaign reached the goal of 20,000 neshek. We continued watching in shock as the numbers grew higher and higher. When Shabbos was taken in in Israel the campaign was already at 32,000! After Shabbos, the number had risen an additional 1,500. Our minds were blown. 34,000 homes had received candles. The number was staggering but we weren’t done.

As the campaign drew to a close and the final count came in on Sunday evening the number hit 41,000 neshek, more than 200% of the original goal.

When making the goal of 20k we had originally been uncertain. Could we really reach that many Jewish women and girls? Did we have the resources to follow through with such a large scale campaign? And yet Lubavitch girls pulled through, proving to the world what a lamplighter really is, and turning the world Bright Side Up.

There is a power in numbers because one large number is made up of many smaller numbers, many individuals. That Shabbos, 41,000 additional individual homes had the Shabbos light and 41,000 additional neshamos were touched with an eternal flame that cannot be extinguished. That is the power we hold as Lubavitcher Chassidim. Our Rebbe charged us to change the world and this campaign proved we can change the world because it is the tremendous power of the Rebbe behind us. The Rebbe believes in us.

We want to thank all who helped make this possible, whether financially or by lending their skills. A big thank you to all the girls who were heads for their respective schools, helping to get the campaign going, and of course to all those who went and gave out candles; we salute you. It was only through all of us joining forces that we were able to reach our goal to turn the world Bright Side Up. Hashem should reward our efforts and bring Moshaich now.

The winner of the Rebbe coin bracelet is Devorah Weber.

The winner of the $200 Amazon gift card is Libby Zalmanov from Tzfas, Israel.

The winner of the JBL speaker is Chani Mizrachi from Lod, Israel.

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