Bridging the Gap: JLI Teens Presents Innovative Courses for Shluchim

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, connecting with teens is both an art and a science. JLI Teens is introducing a trio of courses tailored to equip Shluchim with powerful tools of youth engagement.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, connecting with teens is both an art and a science. JLI Teens is pleased to introduce premier courses for 2023–24, a trio tailored to equip Shluchim with powerful tools of youth engagement and break down tough barriers and taboos.

2023–24 Courses 

Love Secrets: A Jewish Take delves into the messages teens receive from mainstream media on dating, marriage and related topics. In this captivating course, teens will explore the profound wisdom found in Torah and Chassidus to guide them toward fulfilling relationships.

Living Your Dream equip teens with values, strategies and core principles to not only navigate life but thrive beyond their wildest dreams! Explore the concept of success and empower your students to lead purposeful lives.

MythBusters breaks down stereotypes and misconceptions as teens explore fascinating often-misunderstood aspects of Judaism. This course opens engaging discussions that challenge preconceived notions.

Real Impact, Real Stories

JLI Teens has sparked change in the way teens perceive their role in the community. Witnessing the impact of our courses, many students have expressed a newfound desire to become more actively involved in communal activities, volunteering, and taking leadership roles.

Neta Froimovich, a sophomore at FAU High School says that she enjoys attending weekly JLI Teens classes at Chabad of Lake Worth (Florida) because they help her stay in touch with her Judaism:. “JLI is the perfect way to get to know other Jewish teens and relish in Jewish tradition,” she says.

“We’ve been offering JLI Teens courses for more than ten years,” says Rabbi Chanoch Kaplan of Franklin Lakes, NJ. “The material is remarkable and resonates well with our teens. I’m a BIG fan of these courses.”

Enhance your teaching skills with clear, digestible modules tailored to you. Equip yourself with tools to effectively connect with teens, inspire them and bridge the generation gap, making you a more relatable figure in their lives.

Intrigued? Thanks to a generous donor, Shluchim can now join the first thirty cities to register and unlock a discounted rate of $540 for a bundle of three courses. Click here to purchase. 

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