Bridal Boutique Raffling Diamond Necklace Crafted From Rebbe Coin

Since 2019, the Bridal Giving Boutique has helped over 200 kallahs, by gifting them brand new sheva brachos outfits and accessories which they “shop” out of their Crown Heights showroom at no-cost.

By Dassie Hecht

The Bridal Giving Boutique which opened in 2019 is a beautifully renovated space in Crown Heights that has helped over 200 kallahs with new sheva brachos outfits and accessories. 

This Raffle Campaign is being held to help raise the necessary funds in order to continue helping kallahs feel beautiful and cared for. 

After getting married and experiencing all the pressure and expectations that kallahs go through, I knew there had to be a way to help those who can’t afford to live up to all the pressure. I wanted to give brides in need the opportunity to feel beautiful as they transition into their lives as newlyweds. The Bridal Giving Boutique was born.

My vision was to open a beautiful place where each kallah would be welcomed warmly at a private appointment with personal attention and care. She would be able to choose brand new Sheva Brachos outfits and accessories that would be a gift for her to keep. It would be just like a regular shop but without price tags!

I approached Rebbetzin Laya Klein for support and involvement in this initiative, to which she happily agreed. Mrs. Miri Gourarie and Mrs. Subie Rubashkin complete our wonderful support team who are there to give advice and assist in running the Boutique. Mrs. Raizel Wolvovsky AH was another member of our board, whom many remember fondly as a long-time Bais Rivkah preschool teacher. Mrs. Raizel Wolvovsky AH was incredibly caring and attentive to the kallah’s needs, may her neshama have an aliyah. 

We asked Rabbi Hecht at NCFJE if he had a space for us to use, and he graciously donated a room with a private entrance in the basement of Machon L’Yahadus. The room was the perfect size for us but not in great condition. When Mr. Yossi and Batsheva Popack heard that we needed to renovate the space, they immediately came on board and funded the renovations to make it a beautiful and welcoming place for the kallahs. The community really came together to make it happen.

Many people ask about the dresses we purchase with the donated funds. We have beautiful, high-quality dresses from frum fashion companies who sell them to us at a discounted rate. We also buy tichels for kallahs to choose from, as well as jewelry, and handbags. 

The following story is one of the inspirations that moved me to establish the Bridal Giving Boutique. It portrays the love and attention that every kallah deserves.

Rabbi JJ Hecht A”H found one of the campers in Camp Emunah crying all alone. She tearfully recounted that the other girls were making fun of her. She owned only three dresses; they were all dirty, and laundry wouldn’t be done for another week!

Rabbi Hecht went to her bunkhouse, brought her clothes to the laundry room, and did her laundry on the spot. That Friday, Rabbi Hecht brought a special delivery to her bunk. A beautiful package, wrapped with a pink bow. Inside were two brand new Shabbos outfits! 

That Friday, Rabbi Hecht brought a special delivery to her bunk, a beautiful package wrapped with a pink bow. Inside were two brand new Shabbos outfits!

The heartbroken little girl was now glowing with happiness, not only because of the gifts she received but because somebody cared for her and went out of his way to make her feel happy.

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