Court Rules Yeshivos Can Challenge SED Regulations

In a 4-1 ruling this morning, Yeshivos were given allowance to challenge the proposed laws that would cause them to have to change curriculums in order to pass as proper schools under the SED (State Education Dept.)

This morning, a group of judges made a significant decision about yeshivas. The decision addresses whether yeshivos must follow certain rules set by the State Education Department. Today’s decision by the judges affirms that the yeshivas have the right to challenge these regulations in court. The judges explained that these rules would directly impact the yeshivas and the parents of the students, who are deeply concerned about their children’s education.

The judges also discussed whether the state has the authority to close these schools. They concluded that while the state can’t directly punish these schools, declaring that a school doesn’t meet the required standards is still a significant issue. This means parents need to be informed if the school their child attends meets these standards.

The judges stated that only certain yeshivas, referred to as Felder schools, are subject to this ruling. This has sparked debate over which yeshivas qualify as Felder schools.

One judge argued that parents should have the freedom to decide how their children are educated, as long as they receive a proper education. He also pointed out that homeschooling is allowed in various forms, such as being taught at another location or in a group, and this flexibility should also apply to yeshivas.

It is expected that parents’ rights groups and homeschooling advocates will support the yeshivas if this case is appealed to a higher court.

This story is still developing, and we will provide more updates as they become available.

Click here to read the ruling.

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