Brazen Package Thief Haunting Streets of South CH Finally Caught

A porch package thief that has been roaming the streets taking peoples packages, was finally caught thanks to an eagle-eyed Shomrim member. They now turn to you for help building the case.

A package thief has been stealing a lot of things from people’s porches and was largely getting away with it. His main target area was Southern Crown Heights. He would roam the area searching doorways, building entrances, and porches, for packages and then casually walk off with the goods.

This week, on Tuesday morning, an eagle-eyed Shomrim member noticed the thief and immediately contacted the police who worked together with him to have the package snatcher arrested.

The perpetrator was caught with more packages on him, presumably stolen as well.

Please review the footage below. If you recognize the man in the bell camera as someone who stole from your porch, please contact Shomrim immediately with the information so they can connect you to the case and add to his file.

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