Boys Spend All Free Time Learning, Testing Ba’al Peh

Over the past 5 months, students at Cheder Ohr Menachem can be seen during breaktimes in every corner learning and testing each other in Mishnayos Baal Peh in merit of Yidden in Eretz Yisroel.

The past 5 months in Ohr Menachem Cheider have been full with Limud HaTorah, Davening and Tehilim for the safety and the success of our brothers and sisters in Eretz HaKodesh! OM Talmidim have been serving as true Chayolim in Tzivos HaShem on the front lines of our Shchunah!

From the 1st day back from the month of Tishrei, right after Simchas Torah when we all heard about what happened in the holy land, the program office of OM Cheider got into intensive planning for this massive responsibility.

A grand Mivtzah was launched for all Talmidim to participate and to put in their personal efforts in their main Shlichus of Limud HaTorah!

The Mivtzah includes extra Chayus learning in class, Talmidim are getting special Tzivos HaShem cards and going up in rank! another part of the Mivtzah includes connecting home with Torah and Tefillah, Talmidim are saying the special Kapitlach of Tehilim at home for the success of Eretz Yisroel!

And obviously, the main part of the Mivtzah is the early start of Mishnayos Ba’al Peh! Talmidim are learning MBP in a special new Maseches they took on themselves to learn Mishanh by Mishnah and Perek by Perek until the Siyum Bezh of the entire Maseches!

“We have many Talmidim that finished entire Masechtos Ba’al Peh and are moving on to the next one,” says the principal Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz, “we print special Teudos Siyum for these Talmidim and encourage them to celebrate a Siyum at home with their family or in shul after davening”!

Vice principal Rabbi Yossi Overlander who dedicates himself to making sure each Talmid gets the seforim and Prizes at the end of the mivtzah tells us that Talmidim are gaining hundreds of MBP points which they can buy with many Sifrei Kodesh at the end of the Mivtzah. “there’s a special catalog we print and Talmidim get to choose which Seforim they would like to buy”.

This entire Mivtzah is followed by a beautiful encouraging method which Talmidim love. It is the “Hechste Tzeit Album”! with all the Tzivos HaShem cards, MBP and good deeds, Talmidim can buy special packets in which they find exclusive stickers with ideas and concepts of Moshiach and Geulah! Every day there’s a ‘Hechste Tzeit stand’ where the Talmidim come to buy their stickers. Each Talmid got a beautiful and colorful sticker album with over 200 spots for educational stickers. Under each sticker there’s informative details about the idea of that sticker which makes this album an actual learning booklet for Moshiach and Geulah concepts.

“I sell every day about 320 stickers and we have a growing rate of about 30 MBP a day”! says Rabbi Chanoch Hecht, who aside from teaching the ‘Mechinah LeMesivta’ also directs Cheiders programs and Mivtzah’s. “Our students have already learned over 1,500 Mishnayos Ba’al Peh in just the first 3 months months! The capability and enthusiasm of these young Chasidim is tremendously uplifting and encouraging!”

On a bright sign in the OM Lunchroom, Talmidim can see where they are holding and how their efforts are bumping up the numbers. The amazing thing is that we were able to get 97% of Talmidim involved in all parts of  this Mivtzah! This is very important that more and more Talmidim are realizing that they are capable of these beautiful achievements.

30 days before Yud Shvat by a special surprise assembly in Cheider, we have announced the Mivtzah Hachono for YUD SHVAT 5784! Talmidim in all grades were learning day and night the Ma’amer “Bosi LeGani” BP, and gaining big prizes. This was the turning point for the grand opening of the 2nd half of the years programs right after the Yud Shvat celebrations!

This past month – following Rosh Chodesh Adar – Mivtzah Hachono for YUD ALEF NISAN was announced! Talmidim were excited to receive again their MBP booklets and get a double chance to learn and bring the Rebbe Nachas this year – 5784!

These Mivtzahs are being encouraged and motivated by dedicated teachers and Hanholo members who test and encourage Talmidim to learn more and more.

We are all full of prayers that these endless efforts bring our Rebbe lots of Nachas and will bring salvation to Am Yisroel with Moshiach Tzidkeinu now!

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