Boys Return to Yeshiva for Week of Learning and Fun

Although Yeshiva ended last week, boys of Cheder Chabad Monsey returned to their school this week for a special yeshivas kayitz program during the week in between yeshiva and camp.

By staff

Although school was over last week, the sounds of Torah learning can still be heard in the hallways of Cheder Chabad of Monsey.

For the second consecutive year, the Cheder is running a yeshivas kayitz for school students with the goal that the Yeshiva boys don’t go without limud HaTorah during the week in between yeshiva and camp.

This week, our boys come every day from 10:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon to daven, learn, play, hear a story, and get treated to delicious ice cream.

“A very big thank you to our dedicated Menahel, Rabbi Leivke Kaplan, for arranging the program and to our Rabbeim for staying on this week for the program,” the school administration said. “We hope that our talmidim are inspired to utilize the summer months for learning and davening and come back with rejuvenated chayos.”

The children’s learning is dedicated in memory of Hersh Leib Schulman a”h, an early supporter and friend of the Cheder.

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