Bosi Legani Lineup to Journey Through Foundational Maamar

To bring the monumental text of Bosi L’gani 5711 to life, a lineup of seven riveting personalities will lead a program, with each giving a guided journey through a part of the maamer in their own unique style.

On Yud Shevat, 5711 (1951)—the day when the Rebbe’s formally accepted leadership and the day the Friediker Rebbe was nistalek one year earlier—the Rebbe delivered a maamar that would set the tone for Dor Hashvi’i and revolutionize the world over the next 71 years.

Bringing this monumental text to life, Vaad Or Vechom has a lineup of seven riveting personalities each leading the listener on a guided journey through a part of the maamer. The focus of the lineup will be less traditional learning and more practical application of the lofty ideas. Each panelist will put a section into perspective with their own unique vantage points, giving a takeaway of each key idea.

Rabbi Moshe Herson will open the panel with the first part of the maamar, recalling the historic day of Yud Shevat as he witnessed it as 15-year-old bochur in 770, present when the Rebbe said the maamar, signifying his formal acceptance of the nesius. 

From Sydney, Australia, Rabbi Michoel Gourarie, a sought after teacher and educator, will elaborate on the themes of mesiras nefesh and applying it to our own avodah, while Rabbi YY Jacobson will delve into the deeper concepts in Chassidus, and explain them in his inimitable style, making even the most esoteric parts understandable to all.

The final section of the maamar will be taught by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gluckowsky of Rechovot, who will concentrate on the key avodah in our generation: calling out Hashem’s name in even the most forsaken places, teaching others to recognize Hashem, as our forefather Avraham Avinu taught us.

“We are honored to host this first-ever Bosi Legani lineup,” said Levi Katz, program director of Vaad Or Vechom. “It is our hope that the inspiration from this event will infuse our hiskashrus and commitment throughout the year with extra enthusiasm and chayus.

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