Boro Park Tanya Event Draws Respected Rabbonim

Tens of bochurim and yungeleit gathered in Boro Park to celebrate their completion of Tanya learned over a year. The fifth siyum by Irgun Limud HaTanya was honored with the participation of respected rabbonim and mashpiim.

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Tens of bochurim and yungeleit gathered in Boro Park to celebrate their completion of Tanya learned over the year.

The program, run by Irgun Limud HaTanya, just completed its fifth year and they celebrated the occasion with an appropriate siyum. Honoring the event were respected rabbonim and mashpiim.

The guest of honor was the Kosover Rebbe, one of the most respected rebbes in Boro Park today. At the siyum, he spoke about the urgency of learning Chassidus in our times when we face so many nisyonos. In fact, the Baal Shem Tov taught Chassidus to reveal the neshama and empower a person to overcome his nisyonos.

Harav Sender Rechnitzer, a Dayan for the Belzer community, who was a member of the study program, shared a thought on the parsha and spoke about the unique clarity in avodas Hashem that Tanya provides.

Rabbi Asher Friedman, director of Irgun Limud HaTanya, spoke on behalf of the organization. He noted how thousands of perakim of Tanya were learned through the program over the year, and how each perek gives a person a new appreciation and chayus in Torah and mitzvos.

Rabbi Friedman also presented the new program called “Veshinantam” to review the Tanya over the summer months. A special booklet containing review questions of the perakim that were learned was distributed at the siyum.

Graduating students received as a gift the sefer which they will study next year.

A booklet containing Igeres Hateshuva with the Maynotecha commentary was distributed to all participants to be learned during the upcoming month of Elul.

The graduation and “Veshinantam” booklet were dedicated in memory of Hatomim Shmuel a”h Karnovsky, by his family.

Those who are interested in bringing Irgun Limud HaTanya to their city or taking part special hafotzas hamayonos opportunity, can contact Rabbi Yoel Naparstak at [email protected]

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