Boro Park Planning Bigger Than Ever Lag Ba’omer Parade

This Sunday, Boro Park will celebrate their annual Lag Ba’omer parade at a larger location than ever, featuring singer Shmueli Ungar and the Yiddish Nachas Choir, and a sensational Yiddish play. The event will be streamed live on

The annual kinnus of Yiddishe kinderlach of Boro Park has become a highlight of the year, and this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever.

The program includes the recitation of the 12 Pesukim, an uplifting musical performance by singer Shmueli Ungar accompanied by the Yiddish Nachas Choir and Avrumi Berko music.

“Our children need this,” said Rabbi Aron Ginsberg, the menahel of the event. “They need to feel proud and happy in their Yiddishkeit, and nothing gives it to them more than a gathering like this.”

Indeed, this year the organizers have moved the event to the center of Boro Park, pulling out the stops to make this event unforgettable. While the children enjoy the entertainment, the adults have a deeper appreciation for the meaningful messages that come alive in such an exciting way.

The boys will march in the annual parade from 14th Avenue and 47th Street to the kinnus on 13th Avenue.

Entrance to the women’s seating area will be on 13th ave and 46th st.
Entrance to the men’s seating area will be on 13th ave and 48th st.

The stage will be centered at 47th Street, between the boy’s and girl’s seating and everyone will be able to see iyh.

Children will be marching to the event, and the program will be from 5:00 until 7:00 promptly, with every moment packed with meaning excitement and simcha. This is a program you don’t want to miss!

“We are currently running a live campaign to support the event,” Rabbi Ginsberg shared. “Please consider donating, we need your support to make it happen!”

Click here to donate to the Simcha of Rashbi and the Boro Park Lag Baomer parade.

The event will be streamed live on Sunday starting at 4:30 pm on

Watch a recap of last year’s event (background sound is acapella):

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