Book on Rabbi Groner to Include Personal Diaries

A new book encapsulating the life of Rabbi Leibel Groner, the Rebbe’s secretary, is being prepared for publication, and will include a collection of his personal diaries, most of which were never published.

In the months following  the passing  of the Rebbe’s mazkir, Rabbi Leibel Groner a”h, his family has been working on publishing a unique book encapsulating his life.

A special feature of this book will be a collection of Rabbi Groner’s personal diaries, which he wrote throughout the years, almost on a daily basis. Most of which have not been previously published.

Another large portion of this book will transcribe personal interactions and stories of many people with Rabbi Groner over the years.

The renowned author Benyamin Lipkin will be preparing this book for print. Work is moving at a rapid pace, and many people have already been interviewed. The book is expected to be published in the very near future, B’ezras Hashem.

The Groner family is requesting that if you have any special memories or stories of Rabbi Groner, or if you can recall any special hora’os or hanhagos which Rabbi Groner heard from the Rebbe, please be so kind enough as to share it with the public, by emailing [email protected] or messaging 054-5354462. (Yiddish, Hebrew, and English are all fine). Please include your contact information so that the stories can be verified.

There will also be a chapter in the book dedicated to Rabbi Groner’s brother Moishy Groner a”h. If anyone has any memories of him, or remember stories which he told over the Rebbe, it would be greatly appreciated as well.

The book is Baruch Hashem nearing completion, so it would be greatly appreciated if the stories can please be sent in right away.

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