Rebbe’s Teachings on Bitachon Reprinted Just in Time

In light of the fear, anti-semitism, and current war in Eretz Yisrael, Sichos in English has put on sale the classic book “In Good Hands.”

Following the rise of anti-Semitism worldwide and the concern surrounding Eretz Yisroel, Jews around the world are turning to the words of the Rebbe for direction and reassurance. To meet this need, Sichos In English has put the classic book “In Good Hands” on sale.

After being out of print for a while, the book is now back on the shelves with a refreshing new look and easy to read format. The new print, titled the Fellig Edition, has been generously sponsored by Getzy and Aliza Fellig.

Including a comprehensive compilation of 100 letters and sichos from the Rebbe on bitachon, this book provides support in these trying times, as well as a timely reminder that no matter what happens, we are In Good Hands

To make these timely messages more widely accessible, Sichos In English is offering a greatly discounted rate on the book on their website. Additionally, a short digital excerpt is being provided for everyone to view and learn. Purchase a Copy

Access the Excerpt

*Responding to the heightened need for answers and direction, SIE has been providing content from the Rebbe addressing themes relevant to the current situation, under the title Jewish Hearts Awakened.

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