Bonei Olam to Daven for Children at the Ohel

A minyan representing Bonei Olam – Chabad will daven at the Rebbe’s Ohel on the auspicious day of Zos Chanukah for those who are yearning for children.

During a Zos Chanukah Shabbos Farbrengen, the Rebbe explained that the 8th day of Chanukah has a special segulah for “פקידת עקרות,” blessings for fertility. The Rebbe then signaled to specific  individuals in need of this blessing to say L’chaim.

Each year, Bonei Olam Chabad takes the opportunity of the power of this day and together with a minyan, go to the Ohel and daven for those yearning for children.

Please submit names to:

If you would like to join the minyan at the Ohel, we will be meeting at the Ohel at 10 AM Monday, Zos Chanuka in the simcha room. 

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