Bonei Olam Hosts a Night of Hope, Disappointment and Triumph

Bonei Olam held an event in Crown Heights where three women shared their journeys and experiences. Bonei Olam is currently working to help 20 couples in the Chabad community

There are no words to describe the Bonei Olam Show Up event last night. The Crown Heights and greater Chabad community came out and showed up for those suffering from fertility challenges, in a BIG way.

Bonei Olam has changed the landscape for couples struggling with fertility; last night proved that. Three courageous women shared their journeys and experiences, displaying how without Bonei Olam, a painful struggle can become nearly impossible. With Bonei Olam’s medical guidance and financial support, so many couples are able to get the treatment that they need, facilitating their journey to parenthood.

There are currently twenty couples within the Chabad community awaiting their miracles. Bit by bit, piece by piece, we can adopt these twenty couples, and bring the blessing of a child into their lives.

Let’s create miracles together, no amount is too small for a gift as great as a child. Together, as a community, in the clearest way, we show that we care and truly are SHOWING UP!

Please join us as we make miracles.

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