Bonei Olam – Chabad’s Second Event Will Be Four Times As Big

When Bonei Olam Chabad made their first annual event, they weren’t sure if a crowd would show up. It ended up being standing room only, and this year they are making their event four times the size.

By Bonei Olam – Chabad

When booking a venue for our first ever Bonei Olam Chabad event in Crown Heights, we went back and forth about how much space we would need.

Does this community know about Bonei Olam? 

Are they going to feel connected enough to attend?

Is this a cause that would get someone to trudge out on a cold winter night? 

Were women going to show up? 

Well, not only did this incredible community show up and fill every available seat, they showed up and overflowed into the hallway, onto the stairs, into the lobby and outside the doors of the Jewish Children’s Museum.

Clearly, we should have gone with a larger venue, one even larger than we ever dreamed we would fill.

When you showed up, YOU made a difference.

Each and every seat that was filled represented a woman that cared. 

You showed up and in turn, those facing fertility challenges, felt surrounded, supported and uplifted. This uphill battle can be so isolating, and feel incredibly lonely. 

Being together in that room, one couldn’t help but feel the love, compassion and friendship that was radiating and permeating within each person.

The tremendous turnout of that evening highlighted that this community is ready to break the stigma and bring out into the open this otherwise taboo and painful journey. To listen with an open heart and try to understand this otherwise hidden subject of fertility struggles.  

Since our last event on January 6, 2020, Covid has reared its ugly head and the world has been turned upside down. Throughout it all, you have remembered Bonei Olam, and the community has continued to show up with monetary donations, helping to financially support over 100 couples going through fertility treatments. You showed us your commitment is greater than our imaginations, and so this year, we are taking your lead. 

This year Bonei Olam will be hosting our SECOND annual SHOW UP event in Oholei Torah.  

More vendors than ever before are donating their pastries and delicacies. There will be plenty of space for the abundance of delicious desserts.

We will be hosting a mini-auction of prize packages donated by over 20 Chabad owned businesses.  

And most importantly, we will have 4x the amount  of seating we had in 2020 so more of you can SHOW UP and have a place to sit. 

Please join us on Monday, January 10, 2022- ח שבט for an evening of friendship, inspiration, support, and unity with friends and family as we show up in support of those in our community who are going through this challenge. 

Give it up for Crown Heights, because when asked to show up again, we know we can count on you being there.

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