Bochurim Wrap Up Year with ‘Mivtza Mensch’

The students of Bais Menachem (Wilkes-Barre) are wrapping up the year with a whirlwind mivtza called Mivtza Mensch, which rewards behaviors ranging from washing negel vasser in the morning by their beds to writing an essay on the ma’amar Heichaltzu.

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What does it take to be a mensch? The students of Bais Menachem (Wilkes-Barre) are finding out with a multi-faceted mivtza prepared for them by their shluchim called Mivtza Mensch.

The bochurim start their day with negel vasser specifically by their beds, and morning mikvah with Wilkes-branded robes. They then continue on to a chassidus shiur and coca club. The boys are learning the ma’amar of Heichaltzu, with each bochur writing an essay and taking a weekly test to demonstrate how well they understand the material. There is also a daily Tanya shiur during breakfast.

Being dressed properly for davening, coming to class on time, and participating in the learning with a chayus are all part of the Mivtza. Each boy received a Wilkes-branded yarmulka as well to wear throughout the day.

In the evening, they wind down with a nightly Moshiach shiur and video of the Rebbe following Maariv and krias Shema.

All this is in addition to their regular daily shiurim and activities to channel their energy such as sports, gardening, music and computer classes.

The bochurim are rewarded with weekly events such as pizza and sushi making, trips and BBQs.

The shluchim at Bais Menachem (Wilkes) are fundraising for this mivtza as well as others throughout the year.

Here’s how you can support them:
PayPal Link:
Cashapp Link:$WilkesShluchim
For Credit Card/Tax Deductible Receipts: (Please write “For shluchim” in the comments).
Zelle: [email protected]

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