Bochurim Worldwide Learn in Memory of Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm

Bochurim around the world participated in a worldwide learning project organized by Tut Altz, dedicated in memory of beloved Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm a”h.

Last month, over 400 bochurim participated in a worldwide mivtzah of learning organized by the Bochurim Department at Tut Altz, a project of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302. This mivtza was dedicated to the recovery of beloved Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm.

The mivtzah was a tremendous success, with Bochurim learning the Rebbe’s Torah on Moshiach in a unique way. New and engaging material was produced to aid in applying the ideas to imbue the learners with a Moshiach Mindset.

More than 25 prizes were raffled off, including a Dollar that the Rebbe handed to one of the Tankistim in the early 80s at a Farbrengen.

Sadly, Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm A”H was tragically taken from us on the fourth of Shevat.

Organizers immediately decided to run the mivtzah again, aiming to reach double the amount of Bochurim, this time leiluy nishmas the beloved Rosh Yeshiva.

In a major show of Hashgacha, the Grand Prize winner of the Dollar from the Rebbe was a bochur in the Mechina program in Oholei Torah, headed by Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, son of Rabbi Zushe, and currently housed in the Mesivta building on Troy Ave where Rabbi Zushe was Menahel for 32 years.

“This meant a lot to us” announced Director of the Moshiach Office, Rabbi Shlomie Naparstek, at a ceremony in the Mechina Zal this passed Thursday, “That the winner of the Grand Prize is a student of Rabbi Wilhelm’s A”H son and we are presenting it in the very room that Rabbi Wilhelm spent thousands if hours educating and inspiring Bochurim in Limud Hatorah.”

At the ceremony, it was announced that another Dollar of the Rebbe was donated for this month’s mivtzah. This will be raffled to the eligible participants alongside a wide list of seforim.

“We thank Tut Altz for creating this beautiful mitzvah” says Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, Menahel of the Mechina, “the Dollar of the Rebbe prize really hit home, especially that one if our boys won. There is great excitement in the air that another round of the mivtzah, with another Dollar prize, was launched in honor of my father. We hope for the Geulah shleimah right now!”

All yeshivos are encouraged to join the ever growing number of Yeshivos registered so far. Just email: [email protected] or WhatsApp: +1 (917) 586-5833.

The mivtzah begins Sunday 21 Shevat and will run through Thursday 2 Adar 1.

The Chomer is based on the famous sicha of Mishpatim 5752 and correlates to the fourth segment of the Tut Altz – Dont Wait campaign for all Anash, entitled: Worldview: Seeing the signs is a science.

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Please find the prize list in the attached flyer

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