Bochurim Use Their Winter Break to do Meaningful Work

A group of bochurim from Chicago mesivta who chose to spend their winter break helping shluchim by doing mivtzoim, managed to save a Yid from being cremated moments before it was too late.

A group of bochurim from mesivta in Chicago, took their winter break as an opportunity to do something meaningful by traveling around to different shluchim and doing mivtzoim in their area. The bochurim went to Nashville, Tenessee where the Rothstein family is on shlichus and helped out by learning and farbrenging with the locals and putting on tefillin with Yidden.

On the drive back from Tennessee, the bochurim stopped at Chabad of the Bluegrass in Lexington, Kentucky with Rabbi Shlomie Litvin. The bochurim farbrenged with a group there that night and spoke with Rabbi Litvin for names and addresses of Yidden to visit the next morning before they continued their trip.

Rabbi Litvin gave them a name of a Yid but when they got there, the Yid was not there and the people who answered notified them that he had just passed and the family was arranging his cremation. The bochurim were visibly shocked and immediately sprung into action to save this Yid and provide for his body a proper burial.

They immediately called Rabbi Litvin who wasn’t yet aware of the man’s passing, and through his quick involvement, was able to speak to the family about the importance of a proper Jewish burial and save his congregant from cremation.

These young bochurim learn all year round from morning to night, yet when it came time to have a break they chose to do meaningful work instead of relax. Through their efforts, they impacted Yidden wherever they went and are an inspiring example for their peers throughout.

Mendel Rothstein, Nashville, TN
Levi Kantor, Lugano, Switzerland
Mendy Dukes, Cedarhurst, NY
Mendel Galperin, Holmdel, NJ
Levi Schechter, Chicago, IL
Levi Korik, Roseville, CA
Levi Greenberg, Commerce, MI

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  1. You are all doing the Rebbe’s work and actively actually making the world a better place! Living with Moshiach!

    Mendy Dukes, I am so proud of you and shepping nachus!!!

  2. 💙✡️Such a mitzvah all the bochuring from Chicago did saving a precious Jewish man from being cremated!

    Now this ✡️ Jewish man’s precious soul will have the highest Aliyah beolam habah.

    💙Mendy Dukes your beloved mother Sarah and beloved Tatty Yudi zt”l are so very proud of you!

  3. How wonderful it is to hear stories like this- where you know what the students have learnt becomes part of their/his very essence. A credit to the Teachers and Students. What a wonderful Mitzvah you are all doing.
    Mendy Dukes we are proud of you

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