Tonight: Bochurim to Hold Unity Learning During Yud Shevat

Bochurim who are traveling to the Rebbe for Yud Shvat will be participating in a Hakhel seder Sichos on Wednesday night, where they will be collectively learning the same sicha from the Rebbe.

This year on Yud Shevat will be the 19th annual Kinus Hatmimim.

Thousands of bochurim come to the Rebbe every year from all around the world in honor of Yud Shevat. Arranged by the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim, the Kinus Hatmimim was always a unique event where Bochurim would gather together and focus on this special day.

This year in honor of shnas hakhel, the kinus will be taken to a new level. A Hakhel Betoras Rabeinu. Bochurim will be participating together in a Hakhel seder Sichos, where they will be collectively learning the same sicha from the Rebbe.

The kinus will take place on Yud shevat – Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM at Oholei Torah – 667 Eastern Parkway.

For bochurim from Yeshiva Ketana’s in The Ohlei Torah Ballroom, 
and from Yeshiva Gedolah’s in the Ohlei Torah Zal.

During the Kinus there will be a video presentation from JEM. Each program will be addressed by a prominent mashpia.

A  global initiative in honor of Shnas Hakhel will be announced by the Kinus for all yeshivas worldwide.

The Kinus will be followed by farbrengens for both Mesivtas and Zals.

The Kinus Hatmimim is sponsored by Reb Yossi Kazarnovsky L’iluy Nishmas his parents Reb Moshe and Golda Liba A”H; and by Reb Yoseph Yitzchak Popack L’iluy Nishmas his parents Reb Shmuel Aizik and Miriam A”H.

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The Mesivta program is sponsored L’iluy Nishmas Habachur Hatomim Shmuel Karnowsky

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