Australian Bochurim Shluchim Gather in Melbourne for Recharge

The talmidim hashluchim to yeshivos and communities across Australia gathered in Melbourne for a Kinus Hashluchim to connect and recharge over Shabbos.

This past Shabbos, Parshas Terumah, the Talmidim Hashluchim in Australia gathered for their Kinus Hashluchim. It had been a few years since this usually annual event had taken place, and the excitement had been building for some time.

Realizing the importance of such an event, the YG Shluchim, led by Hashliach Avremel Feldman, set to find time in their already packed schedules to arrange everything on time.

Boruch Hashem, this year Melbourne has 26 Shluchim, a previously unimaginable number. As well as the Kevutzah to YG, there are Kevutzos to both the Lubavitcher schools in town, Yeshiva College and Cheder Levi Yitzchok. They were joined by a number of the Shluchim from Sydney as well.

The Kinus began on Thursday evening with a beautiful event hosted by Mr. Josh Goldhirsch, who shared personal stories and encouraged pure dedication to The Rebbe’s Horaos. The bochurim were also privileged to hear from Mr. Michel Goldhirsch about some of his personal encounters with The Rebbe.

Friday morning, the Shluchim met up in Chabad House of Caulfield, Melbourne’s own 770, to learn Chassidus, hear a shiur from Harav Yaakov Winner, Mashpia in Yeshiva Gedolah, followed by Shachris and Breakfast.

The bochurim then got to hear from some local veteran Shluchim and received helpful tips in communicating and connecting with others. They heard from Rabbis Dudu Lider, Yakov Glasman and Menachem Wolf.

After lunch, the Shluchim headed out on Mivtzoim and then headed to Point Leo, home to one of Chabad Youth’s campsites for a Shabbos of Achdus and inspiration. where they spent an uplifting Shabbos with farbrengens and many positive hachlotos were taken.

“Without a doubt, the Kinus left an everlasting positive impact on all those who were there,” one of the shluchim said.

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