Bochurim Expand Yeshiva Library in Memory of Friend’s Father

Bochurim in Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Morristown aimed to raise $15,000 to expand the yeshiva’s library in memory of their friend’s father, R’ Leibel Singer a”h. They ended up exceeding their expectations.

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Ever since Yosef Chaim Singer‘s father, R’ Leibel Singer a”h, was niftar on erev Pesach 5780, the young bochur has been thinking about what he could do l’iluy nishmasoi.

As a student in Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Morristown for the past few years, Yosef decided to purchase a few new seforim for the yeshiva library in his father’s memory.

Last year, he raised some money and bought quite a few new seforim. This year, he planned to do the same.

“I was thinking to reach out to some family members and friends to help out with funds, and buy a few seforim l’iluy nishmas my father,” Yosef told “But then a friend of mine really got it started and took it to another level.”

When Zalmy Gansbourg heard about Yosef’s idea, he wanted to help it grow. They sat down together and wrote a short message:

“Dear family and friends,

With the help of Hashem, I am working to expand the library of seforim in Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Morristown, where I am currently learning, in memory of my friend’s father, R’ Aryeh Leib ben R’ Meir Simcha a”h. The cost of this project exceeds $15,000. Please help us by giving generously to help reach our goal.”

Yosef and Zalmy sent the message to their friends and family members. Other friends forwarded the message to their contacts as well, and slowly but surely, donations started to come in.

“Zalmy made the goal $15,000, saying that even if we don’t raise that much, we’ll still have enough to buy quite a few seforim,” Yosef said. “It took a few months, but b’poel, we actually exceeded that amount.”

The bochurim used the funds that they raised to buy seforim in chassidus and nigleh. One category of books that the yeshiva library was entirely lacking was sippurei chassidim, of which they filled an entire shelf. The funds were also used for binding and other related expenses.

To participate in this project, please forward your donation to:$YosefSinger

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