Bochurim Celebrate Teen’s Bar Mitzvah at Six Flags

Students of Yeshivas Achei Temimim were on a school trip to Six Flags when they met a teenager who was unaware that he was Jewish. A few minutes later he was celebrating his Bar Mitzvah with a group of enthusiastic new friends.

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Six Flags may have some of the fastest, tallest, wildest rides in the country but the biggest thrill for the bochurim of Achei Temimim was helping a fellow Jew put on Tefillin for the first time.

Yeshivas Achei Temimim, directed by Rabbi Levi Tzukernik, held a 6-track mivtza throughout the last month, where students met goals in the areas of extra shiurim, hachana for davening, exercise, mikva, mivtzoyim, phone filters, and more. The reward for those who qualified was a trip to Six Flags amusement park.

Towards the end of their trip, the bochurim posed for a group photo near a water fountain in the center of the park, when a teenage boy approached them and asked them who they were. They answered, “We’re from a yeshiva, a Jewish school,” and immediately followed with, “Are you Jewish?”

“No, I’m Catholic,” he replied, as he pulled out from his shirt a big gold necklace with a religious symbol hanging on it. Then he added, “But my mother’s Jewish.”

The bochurim were shocked and could not contain their excitement. One of the boys helped him wrap Tefillin and they said Shema together. The boy celebrated his Bar Mitzvah with a very enthusiastic group of bochurim, right in the middle of Six Flags.

“He was so affected by it, it was amazing to see,” Meir Horowitz, a shliach at the yeshiva, shared with “His neshama was shining; all his friends were watching; it was an incredible moment.”

The bochurim took his phone number and hope that this is just the beginning of the story.

The shluchim are raising money to help cover the cost of the mivtza. You can participate by donating at$AcheiTmimim

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