Oholei Torah Salutes Sixth Grade’s Tanya Milestone with Grand Siyum

Photos: Mendi Dahan/Anash.org

In anticipation of their Bar Mitzvah, fifty-six Talmidim of Oholei Torah’s sixth grade mark the halfway point to learning twelve perakim of Tanya Baal Peh with lively dancing.

Oholei Torah’s sixthe grade class marked the halfway point in their journey to memorizing twelve entire perakim of Tanya with a grand celebration. The bochurim sang and danced and heard encouragning words from their teachers and principals.

The Frierdiker Rebbe and the Rebbe encouraged bochurim to learn the first twelve perakim of Tanya Baal Peh. Inspired by this directive, which many bochurim take upon themselves to achieve before their Bar Mitzvah, the sixth grade staff initiated a campaign to motivate the Talmidim.

Under the guidance of division principal, Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig, the staff provided the talmidim with a comprehensive calendar and curriculum, including daily learning portions to keep up with the intense schedule.

Sixth grade Rebbi Rabbi Dovber Blau developed a unique mnemonic technique of memorizing the perakim through song, recording and practicing many perakim with his talmidim. Fellow mechanchim have adopted this method, resulting in talmidim frequently singing or humming Tanya throughout the day. Whether aboard a bus, in the midst of an activity, or awaiting dismissal, the talmidim use the opportunity to both practice what they have learned, as well as permeate their every setting with the kedusha of the words of Tanya.

It is essential to acknowledge the profound dedication demonstrated by the talmidim throughout this campaign. The commitment to memorizing twelve perakim of Tanya in one year demands perseverance and intellectual rigor, traits which these talmidim have exemplified admirably. Moreover, the collaborative efforts of the sixth-grade staff in providing guidance and support have been instrumental in fostering a learning environment conducive to such remarkable progress.

On Thursday, a grand siyum was held to honor and recognize the talmidim who have achieved the midway point, having memorized six perakim of Tanya and remaining on track to finish all twelve by the year’s end. Celebrating the accomplishments of these talmidim, the Siyum was attended by Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum who tested the talmidim on select portions of the perakim.

Addressing the students, Rabbi Dovber Blau, and the Head of School, Rabbi Mendel Blau applauded the talmidim , highlighting the power of fusing together Tanya Baal Peh with Negina. Rabbi Lustig concluded the program by praising the talmidim for their achievements and sharing a deep appreciation for the esteemed mechanchim of sixth grade, Rabbi Osher Broh, Rabbi Gamiel Dray, Rabbi Leibel Vogel, Rabbi Yitzchock Klein, and Rabbi Dovber Blau.

“We take immense pride in the diligent efforts of all our Talmidim,” remarked Rabbi Lustig during his address at the Siyum. “We are confident that this campaign has brought much nachas to the Rebbe and we wish the Talmidim continued Hatzlacha in this mivtza and beyond.”

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  1. So grateful to Oholei Torah for facilitating this. Providing the support and structure that enables kids who might otherwise be at a loss as to how to accomplish this on their own.

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