Bochurim Celebrate Completing Entire Chelek of Likutei Sichos

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The bochurim in shiur gimmul of Mesivta Lubavitch Monsey completed the learning of the entire chelek chof of Likutei Sichos over the course of months as part of a special mivtza organized by their shluchim.

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For the past four months, the bochurim in shiur gimmul of Mesivta Lubavitch Monsey learned the entire chelek chof of Likutei Sichos as part of a special mivtza. The mivtza was organized by their dedicated shluchim in order to give them a koch in learning sichos.

The efforts to arrange it was a huge success, as a vast majority of the bochurim got involved, and put in tremendous efforts over the course of four months to complete the challenging learning goal. The program was designed in two tracks so that everyone can succeed at it, with a higher track to complete the chelek in its entirety and a lower track that involved learning one or two sichos a week.

The bochurim were then tested weekly to keep track of their progress, and once they completed the entire amount, they had a review period to chazer over all the information and take three tests on it.

“The program was a tremendous success,” Rabbi Shlomy Kagen shared. “It was amazing to see how many bochurim completed the entire sefer and how everyone got involved with a tremendous koch and consistency throughout.”

The milestone was celebrated with a siyum where the bochurim spoke about their experience and were addressed by hanhalla and by the two dedicated shluchim who ran the program, Levi Kievman and Folly Markel who encouraged everyone throughtout.

The bochurim are going from strength to strength now and starting a new mivtza to learn all the Purim sichos, and already the involvement is tremendous.

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