Bochur Aims to Create Daily “Digital Hakhel”

As Hakhel gatherings become a central focus of everyone’s day to day life, one bochur took it to a new level with a creative initiative of his own.

Taking the Rebbe’s words literally, that someone who has the power to inspire must tout his trumpet in a way apparent to all, HaTomim Baruch Shneur Kalmenson took initiative and created a digital Hakhel gathering.

Opening his broadcast “60 Sec Daily Hak” he used the power of digital communication to gather together hundreds of Yidden to hear a short daily insight on the theme of Hakhel, that week’s Parsha or anything related to Torah and Yiras Hashem. Essentially creating a Hakhel on the go!

The Rebbe taught us on the 4th and 5th nights of Sukkos 5748 (a year of Hakhel), that during the weekdays we must use the resources at our disposal to promote Hakhel and unite as many Jewish people of any age or background as possible, especially through telephones and radio which can connect you with anyone even at great distances – physical or spiritual. 

It is now in your ability to join a Hakhel near you, In fact it is just a click away! Enabling you to be what the Rebbe calls a “Hakhel Yid” – someone who’s day is permeated with the message of Hakhel and jewish unity.

Click the link below to join the daily broadcast:

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