Bobover Rebbe Thanks Chabad Activists for Their Help

A delegation of Crown Heights activists were warmly received by the Bobover Rebbe at a recent dinner held for Bobov institutions. They were lauded for their assistance to the Bobov community.

On Motzei Shabbos Shira, a delegation of Crown Heights activists participated in a benefit dinner and melava malka, held for Talmud Torah Bnei Tzion Bobov in Boro Park.

The delegation was led by Rabbi Eli Slavin from Crown Heights, who worked and lobbied in the New York City Council on behalf of the Bobov Chasidic community.

He was accompanied by Rabbi Shmuel Butler one of the activists who mans the Chabad counter at JFK airport, and Rabbi Menachem Mendel Tzikashvili who will soon be leaving on shlichus to South America.

The Bobover Rebbe, Harav Benzion Halberstam, received the delegation with a warm welcome, and thanked them for their assistance on behalf of his institutions and for assistance during his trip at the airport.

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