Bnos Chomesh Expanding to Junior High

Building up…by building down: Bnos Chomesh Academy of Crown Heights has announced the opening of Bnos Chomesh Junior High School for girls in 7th and 8th grade, offering the same warm and supportive atmosphere.

Bnos Chomesh Academy of Crown Heights is proud to announce the opening of Bnos Chomesh Junior High School.

Q: What could possibly be better than a high school that offers competitive academics, a warm, caring superb teaching staff, a professional support staff, loads of extracurricular activities and a positive, growth oriented educational philosophy – all within Chinuch al Taharas Hakodesh?

A: A High School as described above that also has a Junior High! 
14 years after opening its doors to high school students looking for a small, warm and supportive high school experience, the board and administrative team at Bnos Chomesh have decided it’s time to build up…by building down. 

“If a student benefits greatly from a small school environment when she is in high school, it stands to reason that she would have benefitted from the same nurturing atmosphere in junior high,” says Mrs. Dena Gorkin, co-founder and principal of Bnos Chomesh. “So, why not welcome students into our BCA home a couple of years earlier and give them a strong head start with all that BCA has to offer?”   

Mrs. Alyson Feldman, Administrator put it like this  “If a child is not successful, or enjoying the environment she is currently in, these important, formative years of 7th and 8th grade become a source of frustration and anxiety instead of a growth experience.  Junior high is an optimal time to seek a fresh, healthier, and more uplifting environment.”

Curriculum planning and staff hiring are underway for the newly added grades and the staff is excited to see the BCA Junior High flourish. Aside from the typical academic subjects expected in these grades, Bnos Chomesh Junior High students will enjoy art, music, drama, physical education, and other creative outlets. Students will have the option to get a jump on their regent exams by taking up to 2 tests at the end of their 8th-grade year, relieving some of the pressure of the regent exams in their high school years. The feeling that school feels safe, happy and productive with a team of supportive adults is one that Bnos Chomesh is excited to offer these young students and their parents. 

Bnos Chomesh Academy announces 7th and 8th grade.
The right path, at the right time. for your daughter.
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