Bnos Chana Girls High School: In a Class of Its Own

High school is a huge step forward in a girl’s life. Bnos Chana, an extraordinary new Chabad girls high school set to open in Baltimore in Fall 2021, is poised to help students make the most of those crucial years.

High school is a huge step forward in a girl’s life. Her high school years are a bridge between childhood and adulthood, and as such, the self-image, habits, relationships, and middos she develops all exert a major influence on the woman she becomes.

Bnos Chana, an extraordinary new Chabad girls high school set to open in Baltimore in Fall 2021, is poised to help students make the most of their crucial high school years through setting and achieving tangible personal, academic, and spiritual goals.

Middos Above Marks

The overriding mission of Bnos Chana is for each student to develop a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and to utilize her particular skills and talents to make the world a better place through a lifelong commitment to Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit. Her confidence and competency is fostered continuously, in every class and beyond the classroom, along with an emphasis on applying her studies to her middos in life. 

An Unparalleled Educational Experience

With Chassidishe values as the foundation, this mission is achieved through a meticulously planned curriculum, which is broken up into obtainable goals without compromising on the level of accomplishment. Professional educators designed the curriculum to ensure that the parent, teacher and student are fully aware of what is being taught and to understand the expectations of each course. A visit to the curriculum pages on Bnos Chana’s website reveals that the school’s comprehensive approach actually resembles a collegiate model, which is unique among Chabad high schools. 

Rather than being passive absorbers of information, students at Bnos Chana are empowered to take ownership over their learning while developing self-confidence and responsibility towards oneself and others. Each subsequent step is then built off that positive feeling, inspiring students to grow and accomplish even more. 

Dedicated, Professional Leadership

The driving force behind Bnos Chana is a visionary team of seasoned educators, headed by Mrs. Stacy Bendet, Head of School. Mrs. Bendet earned a bachelor’s degree in Business and Psychology, master’s in Education, and multiple certificates in various educational specialties. The mother of a large family, ages seven months through 21, her teaching experience spans preschool through high school. Her message to prospective students is, “We focus on you as a person and how you affect everything around you. Our job is to help you succeed, feel accomplished and live with a purpose.”

The School Leadership Team also includes Mrs. Chaya Chazan, Assistant Head of School; Mrs. Racheli Klyne, Mechaneches.

The team is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where students feel comfortable and supported in the academic and social-emotional aspect that is paramount to their learning. They have honed in on every detail of the high school experience to ensure excellence throughout.

Faculty members include Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon, Mrs. Chanie Baron, Mrs. Racheli Klyne and Mrs. Sheiny Rivkin.

Dorm Life: Beyond a Place to Sleep

High school girls, whether they live at home or in a dormitory, need close and loving parental guidance. Bnos Chana has given careful attention to the development of a loving, nurturing, and safe environment in its dorm. Under the direction of trained and caring adults, the dorm will offer the stability and warmth of home life.

The needs of the girls will not be postponed until their next visit home, whether it is for medical or dental visits or personal guidance. To this end, Bnos Chana’s dorm staff includes a Dorm Mother to oversee the girls’ physical needs, and an Eim Bayit to look after their social and emotional concerns. Both positions will be filled by experienced adult women.

Productive and Fun “Free Time”

High school girls need hobbies, outlets for their interests, and stress-relieving activities. Fortunately, Bnos Chana’s location in the heart of Baltimore’s Jewish community allows for easy access to multiple resources. Through partnerships with the JCC and other community organizations, the girls will have opportunities for sports, swimming, art and music lessons, and other enriching activities. Bnos Chana will also partner with local girls high schools and with talented community members to provide productive, fun, and skill-enhancing experiences for the dorm residents. 

Bnos Chana joins a growing infrastructure that has been fueling the rise of Baltimore’s Chabad community. Bnos Chana will service Grades 9-12 , with a student body of local, national, and international students.

Scholarship Matching Campaign from Now until Pesach!

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