Bnei Brak Rov Praises Princeton Chabad

Harav Shimon Galai, a renowned rov and dayan in Bnei Brak, visited Chabad of Princeton, New Jersey on Friday, where he spoke in learning with shliach Rabbi Dovid Dubov and expressed his admiration for the work of the shluchim worldwide.

Harav Shimon Galai, a renowned rov and dayan in Bnei Brak and Rosh Kollel Kesser Torah in Bnei Brak, visited Chabad of Princeton, New Jersey on Friday.

Harav Galai, who came to use the mikva before Shabbos, was greeted by shliach Rabbi Dovid Dubov.

Rabbis Galai and Dubov spent over half an hour speaking in learning and Rabbi Dubov, who compiled the Yalkut Levi Yitzchok set, presented Rabbi Galai with the newest volume.

The Bnei Brak rov spoke with great respect and appreciation about the work of the shluchim around the world, praising their work to bring Yidden back to Father in Heaven. He also penned a warm approbation for the work of the Chabad House and Rabbi Dubov.

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