Blood Drive Dedicated to R’ Avraham Lider’s Birthday

It was no coincidence that Ahavas Chesed’s blood drive took place on the first birthday of its founder R’ Avraham Lider following his passing. After all, his life was devoted to helping others.

By reporter

170 people participated in the blood and plasma drive arranged by Ahavas Chesed and Covid Plasma Initiative on Monday, which director Rabbi Dovid Lider described as “highly emotional.” Lider’s father Rabbi Avraham z”l, founded and ran the organization until his sudden passing on Rosh Hashana.

Rabbi Lider senior organized five previous convalescent plasma drives to help COVID-19 patients, helped thousands of Crown Heights residents with medical needs, including medical advice and consultation and all sorts of assistance from arranging rides to providing hot meals to patients in hospitals and at home.

“This is the first such blood drive since his passing,” his son Dovid Lider told “Today was also his birthday, and we dedicated today’s blood drive to his memory.”

R’ Avraham was known as an “Ish HaChesed” who devoted his life to acts of kindness and his passing has left a huge void in the Crown Heights community.

Dovid Lider has taken over the activities of Ahavas Chesed, which is already working full blast to serve the community with all the services it provides, including medical referrals, medical equipment and supplies, hospital bedside visits, emergency financial assistance, medical transportation to hospitals and doctors’ visits, blood drives and convalescent plasma drives, home healthcare, and Shabbos taxi services.

“We greatly thank the community for coming out in such large numbers to participate in our blood drive today,” Lider said. “We will continue to hold future blood or convalescent plasma drives at regular intervals in the future.”

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